Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween Eve!

We are busy getting ready for Halloween over here.  Halloween is so much fun!  Getting to dress up and pretend to be someone else is great, and let's not forget the CANDY!!!  Jake is going to be a ninja for Halloween this year and CJ has picked out his first "scary" big boy costume.  :(  I was a little disappointed because I like to keep them little and cute for as long as possible, but I let him choose what he wanted with the limitation of nothing bloody or gory.  He IS getting older and even though I would like to keep him my baby forever, I have to let him grow.  He picked the Ghost Face costume from the Scream movie.  He has never seen those movies (of course) but he liked the creepy ghost face.  He really is getting so big.  He used to be TERRIFIED of scary Halloween stuff.  We couldn't even let him see it in the stores, he would scream at the top of his lungs!  LOL

We are pretty excited to go trick or treating this year.  Last year we weren't able to go because of Hurricane Sandy.  Our neighborhood lost power for about 5 days.  The boys did get to be on the Jimmy Kimmel Show again last year though, so that was a fun treat for them (and us)!  They were taping in Brooklyn, so it was convenient for us to make it.  They actually sat through the whole show!  Here's some pics from backstage.

We're giving out Reese's Peanut Butter Cups to our trick or treaters this year!  What else??  lol I had to hide them from the kids though, or we'd have none left!!  What can I say?  They don't call me sneaky mom for no reason. 

You may have heard CJ mention that he was "outta control with the brownies" in my youtube video.  I had made "Graveyard Brownies" for dessert that year and this is what he was talking about.  They WERE good!

Here's some photos of the last few Halloweens

2012 Mario and Luigi

2011 Frankenstein and Lego Man-I made this Lego Man costume myself!  Of course CJ would request a costume that could not be found at any store, anywhere!!  lol  I made it out of cardboard and "duck" tape.

2010 Toy Story Gang-This one is my favorite.  I like to do group costumes, but the kids have been picking individual costumes the past few years.  

2009 Shaggy, Daphne, Scooby and Scrappy Doo
Nice face CJ!  hahaha

I hope you enjoyed this Halloween wrap up!  Pics of this Halloween to follow....


  1. Thanks for sharing this with us. We love CJ and Jake. Waiting eagerly for the pictures from this year.

  2. I just found your blog! I love CJ and Jake and you must be the BEST parents to have raised such adorable, well-mannered kids. Your video never fails to make me smile :) CJ does look a little scary as Scooby, so maybe he was gearing up for his scary costume debut even back then.

  3. Your kids are so cute and you're such a great and involved mom!! I wish you updated more lol :( I got so excited when I found you blog but you rarely update T_T hope to see more from you (: I checked out the halloween video again this year cause its so precious haha

  4. Hi sneakymom! ;)
    i am so glad to see your blog! this children are copy of my guys in childhood time, when i with my family watched this video we spend a good time!
    Now my son George is 16 years old and his little brother Shako is 13. We live in Tbilisi (Georgia EX. Soviet union). i'll show you their photos and videos next time.
    Best Regards!
    David Batiashvili ;)
    and send me your facebook if you have please :)

  5. These kids are so adorable! You have a beautiful family. :)