Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Back to School!

Back to school!  How exciting!  CJ has the same teacher as last year, which he is really excited about.  His actual response upon receiving that information in the mail was, "Awwwww, sweeeet!"  lol.  He's a big boy 3rd grader, I can't believe it!  As a matter of fact, his classroom is upstairs now.  CJ is very excited about being upstairs, and also that there isn't a bathroom in his classroom which means he gets to use the hall bathroom!

Jake really misses CJ when he's at school.  He just asked, "Is it time to pick up CJ yet?"
It's 12:30.
I can see that it's gonna be a long day.
I said, "No Jake, not yet."
He said, "Ohhh, I shoulda took a picture."
I say, "Of what?"
He says, "Of CJ cuz I miss him."
That's my boy.  Too cute.

Jake's first day of PreK is on Friday, so he won't have as much free time to miss CJ.  lol

P.S.  I found the free First Day of 3rd Grade printable here


  1. that's really sweet! your boys are awesome!

  2. i'm truly a big fan of your boys. Never get bored watching their videos. You must be one good sneaky mom! :) and this story is aw-so-sweet.. Please do upload another videos of them, will you?

  3. I'm a fan too!!a fan from Taiwan~~~
    Could you share some tips of how you teach your kids? They are so cute and well' behaved!!

  4. i love the part when Jack said he should take a picture of CJ, such a lovely little brother missing his elder brother, hope Jack is having great fun at Prek!

  5. Great job sneaky mom...I just learned about your kids today...I have been replaying the video so many time...Could you do us a favor and write a book about how you raise your kids? It's so sweet to see the brotherly love...You did a very great job at teaching them...

  6. CJ so mature for his age! Can you put up more videos of CJ he is so cute!!!!!

  7. OMG that's so cute of Jake..plz upload more video of them while they r still kids, i can't never had enough of watching their video..the pirates one is so hillarious..

  8. I agree with the previous comment - WRITE A BOOK! I would love to read it. Amazing to see brotherly love and well-behaved kids in this modern world nowadays. :)